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White Raku Large Oval Lided Pot

White Raku Large Oval Lided Pot


These elegant Raku pots are fired by our master ceramist in a clear glaze over white clay. The pots are removed from the kiln whilst still glowing and placed in sawdust, which instantly combusts. The flames are then allowed to lick the pots until they begin to ‘ping’, the tell-tale sound of crazing. At this point the pots are buried and then uncovered and recovered, to encourage more crazing. Finally the pot is removed and scrubbed clean of carbon deposits to reveal the crazing patterns. The unpredictability of the Raku process means that no two pieces are alike – each one is totally different and unique.

25cm (h) x 17cm (w)


Advice for Raku:

Raku is not suitable for food or water.

Copy Matts are like watercolour paintings and should not be kept in damp conditions or bright sunlight.

Raku is not frost-proof and should not be kept outside.

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