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Raku ceramic vase large - fired copper CH8

Raku ceramic vase large - fired copper CH8

These exquisite Copper Matt pots are hand thrown by Chris Hawkins a master ceramicist with 45 years of experience. The ceramics are fired to temperature of 1000 degrees centigrade and then taken from the kiln while still glowing. Through the special Raku process the clay and the glaze are made to react. The metal copper oxide in the glaze is drawn up to the surface, creating the extraordinary colours found on these pots.
The unpredictability of the Raku process means that no two pieces are alike – each one is entirely different and unique.
17cm (h) x 19cm (w)
Advice for Raku:
Raku is not suitable for food or water.
Copy Matts are like watercolour paintings and should not be kept in damp conditions or bright sunlight.
Raku is not frost-proof and should not be kept outside.
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